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Price $8.80

Dyna lock Vibration Proof Washers (Review by Tony Driver
I'm using them on my prop and header bolts,they work by having heavy
knurling on the outside of the washers that works really strong against
doing bolts up to tight,you will strip your allen key head before over tightening,they feel like they hit a wall which helps consistency of hand
torquing bolts. Then to undo from that point the washer has a one way
sliding action that only kicks in anti clockwise that forces the washer to expand in thickness,thus meaning the torque force needs to be a good 30-40 percent more vs clockwise torque used to undo it over the first expanding notch to continue to undo.
No other Washers needed using Dyna lock
A Must For Prop & Exhaust Bolts
12 Pears of M-5 (5mm) Washers per Packet
A Cheap way of protecting your engine from loosing props in flight and
damaging your crankshaft

Price $8.80   Pkt-12

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