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Yak 54 - 3m
Wing Span:  3005mm / 120.08   Wing Loading:
Lenght:   Engine: 3W 150i B2 CS
Weight: 17kg / 37.47lbs   Servos Required:
Wing Area:      
Price AU: $      

Kit Contents

  • Fuselage: composite, made with 3D Kevlar honeycombs, carbon reinforcements of critical areas, plug-in units of wings and horizontal stab, engine ring - firewall, landing gear plate and kevlar honeycomb reinforcements are installed.
  • Further glasfibre parts to be included:
    servo - composite - plate (Kevlar honeycombs), motormount, tankholder, motorcowl, landinggear, wheelpants, canopy frame, clear canopy (upon request tinted against extra costs), karbon fibre tailwheel assembly, wing tube made from carbon fibre, horizontal stabilizer plug - in design with aluminium tubes
  • wings and horizontal stab: styrofoam / balsa with necessary reinforcements and support ribs made from composite (kevlar - honeycombs), plug in system built-in, rudder, elevators and ailerons cut-out, framed, angled, ground and cut-out to save weight, all servo-bays are cut-out and framed
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