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HFP-20 Servo Tester & programmer

Price $190.00
Control System: Direction:
Required Pulse: Current Drain (4.8v):
Operating Voltage: Current Drain (6.0v):
Operating Temp Range: Dead Band Width:
Operating Speed (4.8v): Motor Type:
Operating Speed (6.0v): Potentiometer Drive:
Stall Torque (4.8v): Bearing Type:
Stall Torque (6.0v): Gear Type:
Operating Angle: Connecter Wire Lenght:
360 Modifiable: Yes Weight:

HFP-20  Servo Programmer
The Programmer wil fine tune all your
Hitec digital servos for optimum performance
and the answer to matching servos for the larger
Features include
Direction of rotation
End and centre points
Reset to factory default
Speed Reduction
Dead band width
Failsafe point
Overload Protection
Resolution mode settings

And a servo and transmitter tester for all
other brands


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