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3W Engines


Our national and international success is based on our 20 years Know-How in producing 2-stroke engines. The 34 years of industrial experience of our design engineer had been realized in our new range of engines representing the latest state of the art of 2-stroke technology.

Having this in mind we had to develop a new generation of mufflers considering the higher degree of saturation and process of combustion efficiency.

3W has developed these mufflers - now we are able to introduce ourselves as a supplier for complete solutions of 2-stroke-power systems for airplane models.

Many other manufacturers tried to copy our one and two cyl engines as well as our ignition systems. These plagiarisms are based on the technology of our 3W-120B2 or 3W-80B2 which were developed in 1988 and 1986. our current engine range is generations away from this old technology and our development lab optimises engine power in a continuous process.

  • New technology of pistons, cylinders and crankcase
  • Superior power and reliability
  • Best quality and precision
  • ignition system prepared for direct connection to 2 cell LiPo batteries without using voltage regulator

ALL 3W Engines are manufactured in Germany using modern engineering technology, unlike many other brands that come from Thialand and China.

3W Competition Series

We from 3W-Modellmotoren are proud to present a new range of engines, being developed in close cooperation with top international aerobatic pilots. The strong requirements flying sophisticated aerobatic maneuvers had been met.

All parts are selected, pistons,cylinders and carburettor are modified. Cylinders painted: red, 2-cyl. boxer engines with carbon-fiber 90 intake manifold.

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